Robin Kollannur, CFA

Sub-Advisor: RVX Asset Management

Robin Kollannur, CFA serves as Co-Portfolio Manager of the RVX Emerging Markets Equity Fund (RVEMX). Robin was a General Partner and Portfolio Manager of Mercator Asset Management LP, where he served on the Investment Committee and conducted fundamental research for the firm’s International and Emerging Markets value equity portfolios. Prior to Mercator Asset Management LP, Robin was CIO and Senior Portfolio Manager for Northern Trust Value Investors, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Northern Trust Corporation. Prior to Northern Trust Value Investors, Robin has also served as CEO and co-founder of Medius Capital; Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst for Brandes Investment Partners where he worked on the firm’s International, Global, and Emerging Markets value equity products; Portfolio Manager and Research Analyst at Wells Fargo Capital Management. Robin was born in India and raised in Kuwait.


♦ Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
♦ MBA, University of Houston
♦ B.A., Texas A&M


Tel: (305) 930-0894