Crow Point partners is a specialty asset management firm headquartered just south of Boston in Hingham, Massachusetts

We blend the quantitative with the fundamental for a disciplined, rules-based approach to global investment management.

We have specialized in global alternative investment solutions since 2006. Employee-owned, the firm currently manages $800 million in assets including open-ended and closed-end mutual funds, limited partnerships, SMA’s, and specialty products like target date funds for the 401K marketplace.


Two Tankers, a Nuclear Button, and You

Our posting has been sporadic lately as new business initiatives have kept us away from the keyboard. Distractions we will happily endure, so no complaints. But, in our four months away, we’ve found that absolutely nothing has changed in the markets.

Focus on the Growth. The Rest is Noise.

Over a year has passed since the election of Donald Trump. It’s been a fascinating period in political circles and, according to CNBC, in investing markets. But has the market really been that interesting? Profitable, no doubt, but from a price action standpoint, there’s not been much to report - the market just chugs along, seemingly going up almost every day.

Earnings Quality and the Market - Things that Make You Go "Hmmm."

Our friend and partner Charles Trafton of FlowPoint Capital recently pointed out to us some very interesting data: right now growth rates for 2017 EPS are higher for value stocks than growth stocks. He also notes, ironically, that there is no manual for this.