Crow Point partners is a specialty asset management firm headquartered just south of Boston in Hingham, Massachusetts

We blend the quantitative with the fundamental for a disciplined, rules-based approach to global investment management.

We have specialized in global alternative investment solutions since 2006. Employee-owned, the firm currently manages $800 million in assets including open-ended and closed-end mutual funds, limited partnerships, SMA’s, and specialty products like target date funds for the 401K marketplace.


Not All ETF’s are Created Equally

Last week, amid some controversy, the SEC approved a 4x levered ETF. For a period of time, and rightly, the SEC was considering cracking down on the 2x and 3x levered vehicles so the move to 4x was surprising.

The End of QE

Last week, in a post about current equity market valuations, we identified the unwinding of QE as a possible threat to today’s bull market. Let us be clear: we don’t think the unwinding of QE (which has already begun, actually) will have any material impact on stock prices.

The Ol’ Double-Edged Sword. . .

Back in January of this year (seems so long ago. . .), headlines in the Canadian financial press were bemoaning the fact that (1) the Canadian economy was growing at its slowest pace in 60 years, and (2) real estate and financial services now account for 20 percent of the economy.

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