Crow Point partners is a specialty asset management firm headquartered just south of Boston in Hingham, Massachusetts

We blend the quantitative with the fundamental for a disciplined, rules-based approach to global investment management.

We have specialized in global alternative investment solutions since 2006. Employee-owned, the firm currently manages $800 million in assets including open-ended and closed-end mutual funds, limited partnerships, SMA’s, and specialty products like target date funds for the 401K marketplace.


Earnings Quality and the Market - Things that Make You Go "Hmmm."

Our friend and partner Charles Trafton of FlowPoint Capital recently pointed out to us some very interesting data: right now growth rates for 2017 EPS are higher for value stocks than growth stocks. He also notes, ironically, that there is no manual for this.

The Problems With ETF'S, Part II: Junk in the Trunk

We write a lot about return dispersion with respect to stocks - the phenomenon whereby stocks either all move together, or begin to act distinctly. Dispersion comes and goes; when it disappears, like it did eight years ago, passive investing makes a great deal of sense.

Sound Public Policy Never Hurts

This week, Paul Ryan held a press conference to highlight tax reform initiatives. It didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved. But then, tax policy in general rarely gets the attention it deserves (more on that later). You know what also never gets enough attention? Public policy.